Deciduous Trees Guide – How Trees 4 Seasons Came About

deciduous trees guide
The book Trees 4 Seasons is a just-released deciduous trees guide by landscape architect Dan Weinbach.

Its over 170 colored pages of images and information show and describe the characteristics and seasonal changes of 79 deciduous trees.  This visual guide is unique and essential for both landscape architects and home gardeners.

How This Deciduous Trees Guide Came About

Author Dan Weinbach describes the creation of his book with these words:

“Trees 4 Seasons: A Visual Guide was 30 years in the making.  For each tree, a suitable specimen with appropriate background had to be located, often in one of Chicago’s excellent botanic gardens or parks, but sometimes far afield.  On a sunny day, I have photographed the tree from my carefully selected location.

“If I had a winner, I then return to the exact spot (just as carefully recorded) to photograph the tree in either three or – if a flowering species – four seasons.  Often- indeed, more often than not- the weather did not cooperate, or a given tree lacked brilliant spring flowers or good fall color a particular year.  An entire year or more could be lost before there was another opportunity for seasonal photography.

“In many cases, I had successfully assembled three good photographs, lacking only a fourth. When I returned, I sometimes found “my tree” either cut down or brutally pruned, rendering my previous work useless.  There was nothing to do but restart the process with the hunt for a new specimen. In spite of the challenges, I have enjoyed every moment of this 30-year process. I hope that this deciduous trees guide is both a useful reference and a celebration for those who love trees.”

You Need To Own Trees 4 Seasons

Trees 4 Seasons is unlike any reference book you now have on your bookshelf.  Incredibly, this resource is alone in the literary world, with the deep knowledge it provides you. Plus, it’s more convenient than digging around the web to find comparisons.

Trees are photographed from the same angle, at the same time of day, once each season.  You get a concise comparison that helps with planning landscape…It’s all at your fingertips.

To purchase this deciduous trees guide, click here.


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