Trees in the Four Seasons

People love trees. Trees in the four seasons have been studied, photographed, written about, and have been the subject of some of our greatest works of art.

Hundreds of books about trees have been published in the past. There are excellent field guides and coffee table books celebrating the tree’s majesty and beauty. The internet is full of information and images about trees, all available at the touch of a button.  However, there is no single source that visually describes the basic form, components, and seasonal changes of our most common, useful, and beloved trees.

The Book Trees 4 Seasons – A Visual Guide

Trees 4 Seasons – A Visual Guide will provide that single, highly-visual source on 79 deciduous trees in an attractive and user-friendly format.

Trees in the Four Seasons

Each tree is presented on two facing pages. One page shows color photographic portraits of the tree in three or four seasons as is appropriate. Shade trees are shown in Winter, Summer and Fall, and flowering trees are shown in all four seasons. On the opposite page are color photographs of the detail components of the tree, including leaves in summer and fall, bark, fruit, and flowers. A brief descriptive text  is also included.

Trees in the four seasons

Sample Details on the Star Magnolia Tree

The Genesis of Trees 4 Seasons – A Visual Guide

Author Daniel Weinbach spent thirty years creating this book.  He first had to find a suitable specimen tree with uncluttered background. He then visited the tree four times a year to take the seasonal photographs. The sun and weather had to be just right.  The spring and fall seasons were particularly challenging.  If there were a week or two of rainy, cloudy days, when the sun finally emerged, the flowers or fall color had sometimes disappeared.  He thus lost another year for a particular photo. Weinbach sums it up by saying, “Making this book has been a challenging but rewarding process.”

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